Services and Rates

Macintosh Tuneup
Tuneup your system to Apple® Specifications
making your system run as efficient as possible.

$150.00 Flat Fee

I will do the very best to find the answer
to your Mac

$100.00 per Hour.**

Complete System Setup
Transferring data from your old Macintosh
to your new one
High Speed Internet and E-Mail
Wireless Networking

$250.00 Flat Fee

Let me help you put together
the perfect system for your
Business and Home
at the Best Price possible

$100.00 per Hour.**

Will check and backup all data on Hard Drive
before upgrading your system. Upgrade not just OS X but all
your Applications on the Hard Drive (when possible)
to ensure complete compatibility with the new Operating System.
The Tune up Service and an Introduction to the new features is also included.
When finished, your Mac will run as if it were brand new.

$250.00 Flat Fee

Personal training at
your Home or Office with
your Mac

Rates vary, depending on a client’s needs.

Mac Pro

IT Services

To schedule an appointment. Email: John East Owner/Consultant at or Call: (707) 701-3525


**Minimum Charge if unable to resolve issue is $20.00
**First hour rate does not include $20.00 Fuel fee
**First hour rate does not include $5.00 Bridge Toll (when applicable)

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