Happy 10th Birthday iPhone!!!

On June 29th 2007, I went to Santa Rosa Plaza in Santa Rosa California to purchase the very first iPhone. The first iPhone came in two models; a 4 GigaByte and a 8 GigaByte model. I chose the 8GB model, thinking I’m getting more for my money.
When I got to Santa Rosa Plaza, I went to the Apple Store first. It had a long line of people. So I walked over to the AT&T Store in Santa Rosa Plaza. It was 11am and only 7 people were in line. I became number 8. Both the Apple Store and AT&T Store didn’t open until 6pm that day. The day went by pretty well. I met and got to know the people in line with me and talking to them helped the time pass by.
When 6pm happened, I did get my 8 GigaByte iPhone. The most revolutionary cell phone to come out at that time. When I walked out of the AT&T Store, I felt a sense of victory because I had waited 6 months when Steve Jobs first announced it at Macworld in San Francisco and also everybody still waiting in line and even as I was walking through the mall, people were cheering at me and I proudly raised the iPhone in the air to show that I had one. It was a great feeling!!!
For me, the first iPhone was not only the most amazing Apple product but the most amazing product ever. I like to think of it as a swiss army knife for phones. There wasn’t anything like it before. To this day, I have not had that same feeling for a product since.

Happy Birthday iPhone