It has been rumored that OS 10.8 Mountain Lion with be released July 25th. I have looked over this new Operating System from Apple and I think there are a lot of improvements over the previous 10.7 Lion release from last year. I will point out here what features I thought were very useful in this new release of OS X. Here is Apple's official list of 200+ New Features if you are curious.

Auto Save was introduced in OS 10.7 Lion where when after you initially Name & Save your document, the software would automatically continually save the changes in the document as you were working on it, there by having separate versions of that document. When you are finished, all you would need to do is close the document. You won't get the usual "Save Changes?" sheet that would come down from the top of the window anymore because your "changes" have already been saved. What OS 10.8 Mountain Lion has added is a new File Directory connected to Apple's iCloud service. This feature is extremely convenient if you have other computer and/or Apple Devices like the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You would have access to your documents on any of your devices. iCloud will offer a Document Library for your documents.

Built-in Sharing will allow you to easily share any information with Twitter and Facebook throughout the Operating System and supported Applications. For Example, you wouldn't need to copy some text that you want to share and switch over to your web browser and log-in to your social network in order to share. In OS 10.8 Mountain Lion, there will be a new button that you can click on to share any text that is highlighted.

Dictation is now built-in to OS X. There is no voice pre-training. It works from the get-go. You can use it anywhere you type. The more you use it, the better it becomes. There is one thing though, in order to use it, you need to have an Internet connection for it to work.

Mail in OS 10.8 Mountain Lion will have a new VIP mailbox which will look out for messages from a person you designate. Also, your Mail Preferences with be pushed to iCloud so that your email settings will be the same on your other Apple devices.

Notes is a new application included with OS 10.8 Mountain Lion. Notes' entries will be Pushed to all your Apple devices via iCloud. Be able to drag Photos & Attachments into Notes. Format your Notes with different fonts, rich text, bulleted items and numbered lists. You will also be able to Pin Notes to your Desktop.

A new feature of OS 10.8 Mountain Lion will have a hidden place on the right-hand side of the screen that will group current information from applications such as Calendar and Mail to name just a couple. To access Notification Center, there will be an Icon in the upper right corner of the screen that once clicked on, a sheet will slide out from the right side of the screen listing alerts and current events going on with your other Applications. Notification Center is also the place where you can send a Tweet or Facebook entry right from the Desktop.

Preview which comes with every version of OS X and is equivalent to Adobe Reader, adds access to Documents in the Cloud, the ability to Fill out PDF forms and Insert a page from your Scanner.

Reminders is a new application that's included with OS 10.8 to help you stay organized with To-Do Lists and Location-based reminders. Be able to add a location to a reminder and then receive a notification via iCloud on any of your other Apple devices when you Depart or Arrive at that location using GPS. Reminders also works with Google and Yahoo calendars.