Coddingtown Mall

Every time I go to the Apple Store in Santa Rosa it's always full of people. Normally, that would be a good thing, but the problem is that the Apple Store at Santa Rosa Plaza is practically a hole in the wall. With a city as big as Santa Rosa, Apple picked the wrong city for their experiment of testing their smallest stores. I have a solution to this problem. Santa Rosa's first big shopping mall Coddingtown would be a perfect location for either a second Apple Store or one big one for Santa Rosa. Coddingtown needs more business coming in and since the Apple Stores are doing such great business right now, it seems like a no-brainer to put an Apple Store in Coddingtown. With the kind of attraction the Apple Stores have right now, it would benefit Coddingtown and its tenants immensely. There is one problem, since Simon, one of the biggest mall management companies, owns both Santa Rosa Plaza and half of Coddingtown, it creates competition between the two malls. Now, like my Dad told me, it's possible in the Apple Store's leasing agreement at Santa Rosa Plaza that Apple can't have another store within so many miles of each other and/or in a neighboring mall owned by Simon Management. I think Codding Enterprises, (original owners of Coddingtown) made a bad decision by selling half of Coddingtown to Simon Management. It's not good to become partners with your competition. Unfortunately, by doing that with Simon Management, Codding Enterprises put Coddingtown's future in jeopardy. Even though there is a new Whole Foods Market at Coddingtown now, I don't think it will bring enough business in to keep Coddingtown going. I think having an Apple Store in Coddingtown Mall would get it back on its feet again.